26.04.14 - 12.05.14

The light series “Profile/Tourneur” by the research group ROKOKORELEVANZ is exclusively and for the first time on view at Salon Kennedy in Frankfurt, Germany.

ROKOKORELEVANZ is an on going research project, initiated by Professor Lux Merx more than 10 years ago. It discusses the parallels between todays architectural design and the design and architecture of the 18th Century. It attempts to re-extrapolate history as a means of architectural reference. ROKOKORELEVANZ acknowledges the influence of Computers on architecture and design sensitizing the relation between the design – and production process and the consequent products. The tool directs the design by simplifying certain actions while exacerbating others. The performance is a unique way of thinking. In order to clarify these relationships, ROKOKORELEVANZ complements their theoretical research with applied, experimental studies. Thus, they produce prototypes, objects and installations on a 1:1 scale.

In the course of the current research stages, “Profile /Tourneur” came into being. The series “Profile/Tourneur” originated at the EKWC, the European Ceramic Workcentre in Hertogenbosch (NL) where architects, artists and designers work simultaneously on their own topics within an open research process that considers the complex material of ceramic.

“Profile/Tourneur” is a series of 36 unique, handmade lampshades that reflect the interest of ROKOKRELVANZ in the geometry, its defining factors and the role they play in the design of complex objects as well as in architecture.  The geometry of the layout considers the implementation process from the very beginning.  The 3D Computer model is designed in an analogy to the cast – the rotation of the profile in the model equals the potter´s wheel. In the end it is merely important how to get the model out of the computer. Hereby factors such as the material, constraints of the given tools, scale as well as an acceptable tolerance are important – and those are the same factors that determine the classic craftsmanship.

„Profile/Tourneur“ is one out of numerous single projects that evolve through varying cooperation between Gagat Interantional, TU Kaiserslautern, the architects Luc Merx, Holmer Schleyerbach, Stefan Rinnebach and Torsten Bodschwinna, the architectural critic Christian Holl, the group Core and others.