Class of Jorinde Voigt


29.04.2015 - 07.06.2015

„Deplaced“ unites works by Natalia Ava, Max Fesl, Michael Mieskes, Patrick Ostrowsky, Anne Pfeifer and Antoinette von Saurma, all currently studying in the class of Jorinde Voigt at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. The Berlin based artist holds a professorship at the academy since 2014 for conceptual drawing and painting.

Through spatial installations, sculptural interventions, film and performance, the students capture the ethos of Salon Kennedy that operates at the border of private and public in a playful manner while at the same time challenging the viewers perception.

Simultaneously to the exhibition at Salon Kennedy, the Nassauische Kunstverein Wiesbaden presents the exhibition “Ich habe noch nie eine Ananas gemalt / I have never painted a pineapple” presenting works by the entire class of Jorinde Voigt until June 7th 2015.

Here, you can see a little documentation of Max Fesl`s performance.  To read a short interview with all exhibited artists click here.


Natalia Ava (*1993, Munich)
In her works, Natalia Ava questions habitual associations and existing thinking models by creating new perspectives and connections through breaking the known. She often uses geometrical forms in order to find out, to what extent our reality is constructed by subjective awareness. Thereby, she furthermore aims at exploring the potential arising out of reversing accustomed connections.
Since 2013, Natalia Ava studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with Olaf Nicolai and Jorinde Voigt.

Max Fesl, (*1988, Munich)
In his performance at Salon Kennedy actors are treated as computers: the hard drive, the complex, reflective consciousness, is deleted and a new program is installed. The artist sets the storage medium in place – the actors are positioned in the space. The program is activated/deactivated by the viewer when entering or leaving the space. Once the performance is activated, the medium is playing its program until the viewer exits the room – hence de-activates the medium.

Michael Mieskes (*1985, Bietigheim-Bissingen)
Michael Mieskes explores the origin and understanding of form in the artistic context. Hereby, form is understood as human reflection, its involvement with itself and its surrounding: form as an imprint of the human and its creative act. In this sense, Mieskes refers to art as an on-going search of form; the incompleteness of the human effort. The imprint creates an “in-between” by leaving its trace in the material and creating absent, form-giving counter piece.
Before studying at the Academy of fine Arts in Munich, Michael Mieskes completed a BA of Arts in Industrial Design. Since 2012 he studies at the Academy of Fine Arts with Franz Wanner. Since 2014 he is part of Jorinde Voigt’s class.

Patrick Ostrowsky (*1991, Schwandorf)
In his works, Patrick Ostrowsky detects the tense relationship between form and content. Materials such as concrete, wood or pigments are used intentionally as means of providing relevance and form. Hereby, idiosyncrasies of this means of expressions play a crucial role: they are art historically examined while at the same time questioning the meaningfulness in itself. This results in objects and painting that build a synthesis between mind and reality – a field where the inner occurrence intertwines with the outer form.
Ostrowsky studied art history at the FU Berlin before studying fine arts at the Academy of Fine Art Munich with Franz Wanner. Since 2014 he studies painting and graphics with Jorinde Voigt and Kerstin Brätsch.

Anne Pfeifer (*1987, Lindenfels)
Anne Pfeifer explores the depiction of the changing process of being alive through paintings, drawings and video-installation. What disguises behind the visible surface? What is inside that develops every aspect we see and ultimately we are? Further, the surrounding – environmental influences – as a force, affect live with its constructive processes. The goal is to explore the inside and outside and finally make it visible.
Anne Pfeifer studied visual communication between 2008-2012 before reading fine art with Professor Kasseböhmer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Since 2014 she is part of the class of Jorinde Voigt.

Antoinette von Saurma (Windhoek, Namibia)
Antoinette von Saurma deals with environmental changes triggered by human kind and often resulting in sociological and political questions. These are manifested in delicate drawings and paintings. By using particular materials, von Saurma creates “fine” drawings in order to bring such encumbering, rather “ugly” topics into focus.
After finishing the Diploma of Fine Art at the University of Johannisburg, Anotinette von Saurma studies fine art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich with Anke Doberauer; since 2014 she studies with Jorinde Voigt.