Architectural Association Visiting School

Peripheral Museum of Contemporary Art - PMCA #1 Spessart

22.03.2015 - 10.04.2015

For the first time the AA Visiting School Program has been present in the Rhein-Main Metropolitan space identifying, conceptualizing and realizing Cross Territorial Cultural Supply Chains. A cultural network through architectural interventions will redefine territorial strategies connecting the metropolitan with the Hinterland and vice versa.

The exercises, findings and strategies have been compiled in this exhibition presenting a current view on the museum landscape in Frankfurt and two proposals for the first stage of the Peripheral Museum of Contempoary Art – PMCA Spessart. The exhibition operates across the two rooms of Salon Kennedy, whereby one highlights personal understandings of the Städelisches Kunstinstitut and detailed analysis of specific cultural institutions in Frankfurt by the AAVS students. This research is complimented with elements by the participants of the PMCA-Symposium. The other room presents the two strategies for the first PMCA intervention. „Between Quarries“ is a proposal to reactivate quarries, having been identified as a dominant landscape in the Spessart, in establishing an institution acting within. „Benchmark“ is a new hiking path connecting all island like villages enabling a system of recreating for existing tourists and attracting new interest through artist designed benches.

Hence a hybrid network of art interventions, the first part of the Peripheral Museum of Contemporary Art, allows the landscape to be read differently while adding substantial value to the urban and territory. At the same time it creates a voice for the citizens through establishing an architectural presence from above conceiving new territories and networks and from beneath establishing architectural spaces.

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AA VS Frankfurt Team

Directors: Friedrich Gräfling, Johanna Stemmler
Coordinator: Victor Sardenberg
Participants: Dalal Alhashash, Cláudia Anselmo da Costa, Joe Hyun, Pujan Karambeigi and Judy Mahfouz